Corbin Fisher’s Free She Said Review


The first scene of Corbin Fisher’s Free She Said video is one that should be experienced by all women who are fans of Corinne Olympio’s delightful acting. It’s an exquisite scene as the two are warmed up by the local dive shop, with each woman enjoying a sensual make-out session before leaving with their boyfriends. The two are then stood outside on the pavement as they continue to enjoy themselves – until a car horn blows and a taxi appears. The women run back inside as the taxi driver begins to honk his horn, announcing himself with a loud “cops on the scene”. The stunning couple then run to a nearby apartment block where the husband of the late wife attempts to convince them to get some privacy, but his request is denied by the busty blonde model who asks them to give her a peep show (or so she says).

Actors: Alexis Monroe